Hi as i said at the start i’m Martin and together with my wife and a few of my old gymnastics buddies and a computer wizard i know we have made this site. I know it’s a bit clunky and probably not the best looking site as i’m not actually any good with computers, but this site is here now.

Obviously the site is about trampolines and most specifically made to help you buy the right trampoline. You can waste a lot of money if you buy a cheap trampoline. Buy cheap and you buy twice. That rings true with trampolines. Not only buying cheap means you more than likely going to have to buy another one down the line it also means you are potentially putting yourself in danger or even worse your kids. Seeing a few cheap trampolines break whilst in use has made sure that i will never buy a cheap trampoline again. Anyway that seems to have gotten very serious lol.

Seriously trampolines are tremendous fun and a fantasitc way to keep active and burn a bit of energy. Whether you are buying a trampoline for yourself or your kids or even someone else you won’t regret it. Look though our site for all the different trampolines i recommend. If you don’t know where to start either go to our trampoline homepage or 14 foot trampoline reviews both of these will put you in a great place to start.