The 12 foot kinetic trampoline is a little bit of a hidden gem. It’s a budget trampoline but for a budget trampoline it’s actually quite good. It’s just not one of the most popular budget trampolines but I think it does have a few nice features that make it a viable option.

I will start by saying there are a few things about this trampoline a good and a few things are bad and because of these bad things it’s only ranked midtier within our budget trampolines. We have reviewed quite a few 12 foot trampolines so if you are unsure which one to buy should always check our guide of best 12 foot trampolines.

Ask yourself before you start looking for more trampolines why are you looking for a 12 foot trampoline? I think a lot of people may believe that 12 foot is quite big and it is in a way. 12 foot is quite big from one end to another but remember you going to be in the middle the trampoline so you only have six-foot either side. Enclosure also takes the bedroom and you lose because of the padding to its more like 10 foot. When you’re in the middle you 5 foot either side and that still sounds like quite a lot but it does feel a little bit restricting to keep in mind about the enclosure all the time. With 14 or 15 foot you feel a lot more freedom which is what you want when you going to the trampoline. At the time of writing this review there was someone who has purchased this and review on Amazon saying that they bought the 12 foot kinetic trampoline and then realise it was actually pretty small there are turned it which actually cost them $50 to do so and then bought a 15 foot trampoline. That can be quite common 14 or 15 foot is probably the sweets bot for most people so I’d recommend you looking at the best 15 foot trampolines that don’t cost a lot more you pay for the initial investment were trampolines not particularly by the size.

That being said that’s look at the specific trampoline in more detail.

kinetic trampoline

note photo is the 14ft version so don’t look at it for size.

12 foot kinetic trampoline details

let’s look little bit deeper into the kinetic 12 foot trampoline as it’s not very well-known but is a pretty good trampoline.


the frame on this trampoline is quite similar to a lot of the other budget trampolines it’s galvanised steel such should hold up to the environment better than non-galvanised steel. It’s of relative fitness for budget trampolines again it’s nowhere near as thick as the frame you get on a higher quality trampoline. But it is rated for up to 250LBS  of weight. That’s quite good for a budget trampoline. You also get 72 springs which is what you’d expect from a 12 foot trampoline. Be warned or whenever you read the specifications from trampoline manufacturers they always try and exaggerate saying that for example 72 springs creates a smooth this band was on the market. This isn’t true it ultimately a little bit sceptical as it’s the quality of the springs and the length of the springs and also the number away 72 is the standard that makes the difference. I understand trying to sell your product but don’t buy into all the hype about how good something is listen to unbiased reviews where possible.


the warranty in my opinion is one the places where this trampoline gets let down a little bit. The most important part the trampolines get a warranty on is the frame and you get one years warranty on this. Which is about normal for a budget trampoline but just to put things in perspective for you with the Acon trampoline you get three years warranty for the frame that’s because so much more confidence in their frame that it’s going to last that they can do that. Again illustrate the difference between a premium on a budget trampoline. Getting back to the kinetic trampoline though you only get 90 days warranty on all other parts so that the mat, the pad and the enclosure. Be brave the honest these parts and materials are going to wear down far faster than the frame or you would hope so. 90 days is not a long time most places offer six months or even a year on these parts. For just be known that if anything goes wrong with those parts you going to have to pay for them yourselves.


This is an okay trampoline this far as budget trampolines go, better than the kangaroo hoppers 12 foot trampoline or the best choice 12 foot trampoline. I don’t want to bang on about it too much but there are two things many people make mistakes on buying trampoline is the first is to buy one that is too small. A 12 foot trampoline doesn’t offer nearly the same experiences are 14 or 15 foot trampoline and it’s not much more expense so consider the size before you set yourself away with 12 foot trampoline. The second mistake people make is trying to get the cheapest one possible you sacrifice a lot of quality by getting the cheapest trampoline is strongly suggest you look at the premium trampolines in our comparison of 12 foot trampolines

however if you are after a budget trampoline you could do a lot worse than this genetic 12 foot trampoline. It’s not very popular and it’s hard to find other people who had experienced this trampoline and is relatively new solar a few unknowns about how well it’s going to last over time. Possibly the best budget trampoline with sin is to skywalker 12 foot trampoline such worth having a look at the review of that before you settle on this one.

All in all though this isn’t a bad trampoline and also the time of writing this review you do have payment options available you can pay for this over 12 monthly instalments. Spreading the cost. This is an always available but it was on Amazon at the time of writing this review.

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