If you’re interested in looking at the skywalker are 12 foot trampoline then you poly the market for buying a trampoline that is affordable and for your children and it’s quite possible that your buying your first of a trampoline. I’m going to review the skywalker 12 foot trampoline and before I do is one talk a little bit about the things you should take into consideration when buying trampoline.

Trampoline size

Now if you’re familiar with this website you going to know that I always try and push people towards buying 14 and 15 foot trampolines I think this is the key size for most people to get the most out of trampoline experience without pain of the odds were something they don’t really need.

Ask yourself why in particular you looking at 12 foot trampoline? I think most people will come to the size thinking that they have children our for themselves and 12 foot going to be enough it’s a big trampoline. Truth being told it’s not really that big a trampoline. I’ve used this photo many times before use it again here but he is a comparison between a 12 foot trampoline and a 14 foot trampoline

Trampoline 12ft vs 14

it can see from above the 14 foot is much more spacious, that’s obvious. What is not obvious and what you can’t see directly from the photo is how you feel using the trampoline yourself. When I’m on a trampoline I want to just think about the bounce and enjoy it and don’t want to think constantly if and too close to the enclosure are too close to falling off the trampoline. A good thing with the skywalker 12 foot trampoline is it does have any enclosure in any trampoline you buy should have any enclosure really don’t try and save money buying a trampoline without enclosure it doesn’t make sense.

So if you looking at 12 foot trampoline just the reason that you think it’s going to be big enough to deliver the experience you want as look at the bigger size. Not only do you feel great freedom not thinking about hitting the enclosure in the sides is also more springs involved in a bigger trampoline and the bounce is better. It absorbs the impact from landing much better and you have more control how high you want to go as well.

Price and Size

this brings me to the next point why you may be wanting a 12 foot trampoline and that’s the price. It’s intuitive that a large trampoline is going to cost more. But the majority of the cost is just for the initial trampoline in a slightly larger one is such a nominal fee with most trampoline manufacturers. Best clipart trampoline prices skill incredibly well with size.

So that being said if you just happen to pick 12 foot is the size the trampoline that you were interested I would think about looking and comparing our 14 foot trampolines and comparing the best 15 foot trampolines before settling on getting a 12 foot trampoline.

Also skywalker do make this same trampoline at 12, 14 and 15 foot.

skywalker 12ft trampoline

Premium versus budget trampolines

If you look at our comparison of 12 foot trampolines you will see that we categorize our trampolines according to 2 categories the first is premium trampolines and the second is budget trampolines. The skywalker 12 foot trampoline is a budget trampoline. In actual fact it’s probably one the best budget trampolines you can get. It’s also one the most popular which is a sign of how good it is. It is really good for a budget trampoline and a heck of a lot better than a majority trampolines out there.

However is definitely not the best trampoline and if you really want 12 foot trampoline I would suggest paying a little bit more and getting the cheapest premium trampoline which in this case is there Zupapa 12 foot trampoline.

If you wonder what’s the difference between a premium on a budget trampoline it’s all about the quality of the bounce is a top briefly before about how much control and how much banks you get and also about the quality of construction. The construction quality is important for two reasons firstly you want trampoline that actually going to last quite a while and other premium trampolines such as a con 14 or 15 foot trampoline has a five-year warranty on the frame because is built to such a standard they can do that budget trampolines generally don’t get built to that level of quality.

If a manufacturer is trying to make budget are cheap trampolines that do need to cut the pack on the construction quality and the quality of the materials used. For example the cat you steal that is quite thick as this will add up as a higher cost for them.

The last thing anyone would ever want is to jeopardize safety of the person using the trampoline and that is a big difference between a cheap trampoline and premium trampoline. Trampolines are gonna last forever so when the do fail you don’t want it to fail when someone’s using the trampoline and this is generally one the reasons why I go through premium trampoline to avoid injuries, or at least to minimise the chance.

There are only two premium trampolines within the size the the first springfree trampoline which is safest trampoline in the world it’s owners claim that 90% safer than any other trampoline and it really is. It’s quality especially if safety is at all concerned the only problem is it’s incredibly expensive compared to other trampolines. The second premium trampoline is Zupapa 12 foot which is definitely worth consideration as it’s not much more expensive than the skywalker trampoline.

Skywalker 12 foot trampoline the details

The Skywalker 12 foot trampoline is one the most popular trampolines across the US today. It sells amazing well on online stores like Unlike many other trampolines If you are going to buy this then you have a selection of colors to choose from; blue, green, red pink or camo and do make sure you check the colours first before you buy it because some are cheaper than others and if you are not to bother about the color then you may get a bit of a cheap deal or if you are bothered also you may prefer one colour to another, just make sure you have look at what’s available. Some people miss the option for color entirely.

Skywalker Details

So the trampoline obviously is 12 foot across and you get a nice enclosure that is on the inside the springs which I prefer as it means you can’t get your foot stuck under the springs unless is a very bad design for between the enclosure in the map which this doesn’t have. Though this does mean that you lose a little bit a size but you can exactly bounce on the padding anyway. You get a nice basketball hoop as well which is quite nice it as a Velcro room you can stick off and it’s quite fun to play basketball on a trampoline.


The Frame itself is made from galvanised steel such rust resistant and you have a total of six double you shaped legs for added stability yourself six support poles for the enclosure and the frame interlocks with two sockets for the upper enclosure which should prevent twisting that happens on other trampolines. For a budget trampoline the frame is actually quite decent. Much better than some of the other trampolines in the same price bracket


The enclosure actually quite quick and easy to report as uses painted buttonhole feature which also eliminates gaps between the mat and the enclosure itself. The enclosure is decent obviously not as good as something like the springfree 12 foot trampoline but it is definitely good for a budget trampoline. It’s not a huge selling point but the ease in which you can put up the enclosure compared to other trampolines saves on a lot of frustrations.


The mat is quite generous I thick is and is UV protected. I should say UV resistant really as no matter how well it’s made the sun and weather is going to deteriorate it eventually. It’s made from PVC and it’s made a safe and comfortable. A decent mat.


the springs as you’d also expect are rust resistant and a 5.5 inches long. This is all right this is can what you’d expect from a budget trampoline smell more expensive trampolines have larger springs seven or 8 inches which again means you can get higher and have more control over how value want to bounce. You also get 72 springs in this 12 foot trampoline which is one the differences between this and the 14 foot version the Skywalker trampoline where you get more.

Enclosure poles

The enclosure poles are quite well padded with foam and angle towards the top so it keeps the enclosure poles away from the enclosure itself through the bottom of the trampoline which makes sense and think all trampolines in future will start to go down this route the don’t go this way are ready.

The trampolines going to weight around 200lbs and is going to be 54.5 inches in height. It doesn’t come with a ladder however even if it is shown in the picture.


This is probably the best budget trampoline you can get. That’s also reflected in its popularity and reviews if you check on It’s our highest rated and highest approved budget trampoline. But it is still that is just a budget trampoline and you can get far better trampolines if you willing to pay more, in some cases (Zupapa) just a little bit more. But ask  yourself what you want exactly from a trampoline one the things I like is a little bit more safety I prefer a thicker more sturdy frame and since Zupapa trampoline isn’t that much more expensive I will be tempted to look at that. But if you are on a strict budget and need a budget trampoline this is the one. The next closest trampoline is the Ultega Jumper so make sure to check that price aswell.

Also as I mentioned at the start of the article 12 foot isn’t that big and sometimes there isn’t much difference in price between the 12 foot and 14 foot counterparts so check the difference in price. You will get much more enjoyment from a 14 or 15 foot trampoline than a 12 foot one. Check our 15 foot trampoline comparison section for more information.

Final word

If you’re absolutely only interested in budget trampolines and not willing to pay a little more for a premium trampoline you are going to struggle to find a better trampoline than this.


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