Okay so immediately you might notice something wrong with this trampoline. Well nothing wrong with this trampoline per se but just long with its placement within our website. Spring free 11 foot trampoline is 11 foot and it’s in our 12 foot section. This is primarily because not many manufacturers make trampoline to 11 foot it’s either 10 foot are 12 foot. And because of the shape of the spring free 11 foot trampoline it’s actually not circular it’s more about rectangle with a circular edges it works out at the same surface area as a 12 foot trampoline. Scenario about the way we can say that it safely deserves to be in this category.

Trampoline size

before I get into too much depth reviewing the spring free 11 foot trampoline do want to talk about trampoline sizing general. 12 foot trampolines aren’t actually that big I think there restrict your freedom at least mentally on some subconscious level you are always aware that you going to hit the size the trampoline or you are a little bit too close. The exception to this is if you only have a very small garden and this you could fit in there. Spring free make trampolines of all sizes but the biggest is 13 foot which is approximately the same surface area is a 14 foot trampoline. If you going to pay for the spring free trampoline it’s really worth looking at the bigger sizes as the price difference isn’t that much to measure get as much trampolines you can further this price and they are expensive.


springfree safety

it’s no secret that spring free pride themselves on safety. In fact this is themselves as the gold standard of safety in trampolining. The whole trampoline is been designed with safety in mind. They looked all the potential ways in which someone could hurt themselves on a trampoline and tried to eliminate them from the construction process for. The claim that they are 90% safer than any other trampoline. The trade-off with this is price. Primarily its price also can be brutally honest these don’t bounce quite as well as other trampolines that you can get. The do bounce well still low the not totally flat but there is a little bit the trade-off in the performance because of all the safety aspects.

The main thing it done is remove the frame from the mat and the springs there are no springs on this trampoline. There are no metal Paul is in direct contact with the mat or audit springs and also the enclosure poles are made of a material that is flexible. Is Polly far easier if I just attach are video here show new spring free trampoline and the owner demonstrating exactly why they are safer.

spring free trampoline details

so this is the world’s safest trampoline any of the trampoline from spring free range claim that mantle. It’s rated for jumper weight of 250lbs but as a structural load capacity of £1100 I’ve seen a video of one these trampolines get loaded up with children to that way and it was absolutely fine it’s incredibly well made.

Go along the incredibly well-made theme these trampolines can be left outside in the yard all year round they all have a double powder coated galvanised steel frame and are using some very nice UV resistant polypropylene nets and mats. Stephanie made to last outside in extreme conditions unlike other trampolines that say exactly same things this is definitely constructed better as reflected by the premium.

basically every aspect of the trampoline has been designed with safety in mind it needs to have a metal frame but it’s situated underneath the trampoline and not parallel with the mat. This also contributes towards the jumping area been bigger than you would expect for a normal trampoline. As the dimensions given is the actual size of the mat that you bounce on ways with normal trampoline the damage and given is the size of the frame and you take around a foot and a half off to accommodate the size of the springs.

The enclosure is made from specially designed soft touch UV resistant material and it stretches as UV protected to twice the industry standard.

The spring free mats is made of a supertough geotextile construction fabric and as you mentioned before in carrying an incredible amounts of weight, around 700 kg of static weight. This too has been tested to withstand 5000 hours of harsh sun exposure.

All mat rods and net rods are flexible and made from a special composite material that three times stronger than steel. Without giving away to make trade secrets they made of material that is on Boeing’s newest aeroplanes and tested to withstand millions of bounce cycles.

Smart technology.

The something is pretty cool this trampoline as well as got a basketball hoop with tgoma. Unless you’re familiar a spring free line of trampolines this poly won’t mean much to you. It’s an outdoor interactive digital game system that is going to help encourage your children leave computers, do some activity themselves. Basically you can plug in your iPad and have games on the trampoline it’s pretty cool and can definitely encourage kids to get involved. This also trampoline basketball hoop that comes with the trampoline.

Dealing with the price

it’s not cheap. Not by a long shot but it is the world’s safest trampoline and its depends on you how much emphasis you want to put on safety. You can actually pay for this trampoline with financing if you’ve got an Amazon store card over 12 months. So that’s an option if you really want this trampoline but can’t afford the cost they write.


you probably familiar with spring free trampolines a few been looking around means that for a while trampolines and they are incredibly safe but they are incredibly expensive as well I can only speculate to the general person circumstances but this is outside of what I would consider most people’s budget. You know yourself your own set of circumstances and how much you be willing to pay for a trampoline. If you can afford it and you want to get it’s fantastic. But for most people is probably another option that cheaper but not quite as good.

Firstly I would say look at some bigger trampolines compare the 14 foot trampolines and compare 15 foot trampolines though sizes are a little bit more popular and there are a few more options available outside the standard tall budget trampolines.

If you are after a 12 foot trampoline though and sizes important if you’ve got restricted area outside to put this in and the spring free still expensive consider looking at the other premium trampoline which is the Zupapa 12 foot trampoline

The bottom line is this spring free trampoline is fantastic but expensive. So if you want to splurge and get safest trampoline money can buy this is the one.

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