Upper Bounce

The upper bounce 12 foot trampoline is another budget trampoline. Upper bounce is quite a well-known brand in the trampoline in marketplace the been designing and selling budget trampolines for a long time. If you are unsure you can always check our comparison of the best 12 foot trampolines.

This trampoline doesn’t scream quality and if I Wanna be honest I would try and point you in the direction of the higher quality trampoline but this certainly isn’t the worst budget trampoline you can get. In fact most people are quite satisfied with this trampoline and for the money it’s not bad.

It’s certainly one the most popular trampolines you can find on websites like Amazon and it does feature quite a few things that you like trampoline I would just prefer if the frame is a bit sturdier and a bit heavier constructed, but then when you go in the category of pay more for the trampoline and it probably not been a premium trampoline which it certainly isn’t.

So upper bounce do offer the same trampoline in a variety of sizes as well and if you are gonna consider buying this particular trampoline definitely look at the sizes available. Why would you want a 12 foot bounce trampoline when you get a 15 foot upper bounce trampoline for hardly any difference in money? This does happen from time to time the price and does change especially on Amazon but occasionally there isn’t much difference in the prices between this and the two larger ones are free larger one is that they provide so it’s worth checking.

upper bounce 12ft trampoline

If you think about getting the upper bounce trampoline 12 foot because you think that’s just the right size to get would seriously ask you to reconsider and getting a 14 or 15 foot size I think these are far better and allow a lot more freedom for the jumper when that using the trampoline.

Upper bounce 12 foot trampoline the details

so the upper bounce trampoline has had a few redesigns in the current model features a new easy assemble/disassemble enclosure so it’s easy to put the net up and down which can make a big difference if it comes to stone trampoline. If you want to bring in four winter you can just take the enclosure off on its side and roll into the garage if it’s big enough a lot of people would have the room to do that not with the enclosure attached.


assembly is not too difficult even if you haven’t assembled any trampolines before the bounce trampoline is quite simple and instructions are relatively easy to follow. You don’t actually need any extra hardware to construct this trampoline you can do a friend included. They even include the spring hook free which is really handy as it’s difficult to pull the springs from the frame to the mat and can be a little bit dangerous if doing it just by hand.

Jumping mat

the jumping mat is made from polypropylene mesh material as a row stitching which is quite good for a budget trampoline most have less Rosa stitching and that so it does add an extra element of security and will be far less prone to tearing.

The frame

the frame as with most trampolines is made from galvanised durable powder coated steel. Which sounds pretty fancy but every trampoline on the market or pretty much of a trampoline it’s really try to sell themselves mentions this. The real thing that you need to look at the difference between a similar premium trampolines the thickness in diameter and thickness and the steel itself and this is far thinner than a premium trampoline but it’s the normal size for a budget trampoline it’s okay frame. The 12 foot frame is also rated for a weight capacity of £330 which is better than the Ultega 12 foot trampoline and also the skywalker 12ft trampoline. But personally I don’t think there’s a lot of difference between any of the frames the just may been tested in different way to rate their weight capacity .


buying trampoline can be difficult, especially if you’re a first-time buyer which most people probably are. No matter what trampoline (as long as it’s not complete trash) you going to be quite happy with the experience especially if you don’t know any better. This trampoline upper bounce 12 foot trampoline is okay but that a huge difference between budget trampolines and premium trampolines in both terms of performance and safety. If you look at reviews on this trampoline you going to find people who had a splendid time of it but you also can find a substantial amount of people who had problems of it and are not impressed with how fast it begins to breakdown. There isnt alot between this trampoline and the Kinetic 12 foot trampoline, it’s hard to split the two in terms of ranking so have a look at that trampoline too.

It’s far better in my opinion to buy one trampoline that costs a little bit more that is going to last for many years to come rather than buying one that could only be there six months or a year. If you looking for a 12 foot trampoline then you should really look at the premium trampolines and if money is a bit of an issue than the cheapest premium trampoline the Zupapa 12 foot trampoline is a much better performer than this and doesn’t cost the earth. If you really don’t remove any budget then I would say that the skywalker 12ft trampoline is more popular and is a better all-round trampoline.

So to summarise the trampoline isn’t terrible there are a lot of happy customers with it but I would say there are others that do perform bow within the same price range.

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