So you’re interested in the Zupapa 12 foot trampoline, this is a great choice and when a talk about why exactly this is a great choice and why it’s definitely one you should consider.

I really don’t think you should jeopardise the quality of the trampoline by trying to get a cheap trampoline. You don’t really good cheap trampolines it just doesn’t happen. Trampolines are quite big and require a lot of materials to make them that’s where most of the cost is going to go. So when you start cutting back costs you actually going to start using lower quality materials. It’s hard to find a decent trampoline that doesn’t cost a lot. I was trying point people towards something like that acon air series (not available at 12ft) a fantastic but most people want willing to spend that type of money on a trampoline though the really should, you don’t get anywhere near the experience are quality on a cheap trampoline. You can compare 12 ft trampolines with our comparison table to get a better overview of all the trampolines at this size.

We usually separate trampoline since two different categories premium and budget trampolines. Everything the budget category is okay and to be honest if you not really that bothered you probably going to be happy that most people happy just with having a trampoline. But soon as your children another trampoline that is a decent one the good another difference you can tell immediately just bystander looking at the difference between a premium trampoline and a budget trampoline the Zupapa series of trampolines are the cheapest premium trampolines and the one we strongly recommend. If you not spend any more money trampoline in this you want get any better quality this is the best for this price range. At this size the only other premium trampoline is the springfree 11ft trampoline. It is the worlds safest trampoline but it’s probably one of the most expensive options you could go for.

We recommend the Zupapa the 14 and 15 foot trampoline for the lowest price premium trampoline and this is no exception. There are a few differences however between the 12 foot and the 15 foot trampoline.

Zupapa 12ft Trampoline

Differences in the Zupapa range

as we mentioned the Zupapa 15 foot is one of our favorite trampolines and this 12 foot version is also very good but there are differences I just Wanna talk about them here a little bit. Thankfully the whole Zupapa range gets a certificate from the TUV. This is a German organization that works to validate the safety of all kinds of products for human and environmental considerations. This is nice to know that you have a trampoline as the certificate whole range gets rewarded that certificate.

So the obvious differences between 15 foot and a 12 foot are the size obviously the diameter is going to be different but the height is also little bit different. The height including the enclosure for 15 and 14 foot is 8 ½ foot the size the trampoline including enclosure for the 12 foot is just a little bit shy of 8 feet. Both of the frame to the same height it’s just the enclosure is a little bit smaller. The mat for all the trampolines are made with polypropylene. The mat diameters are obviously a little different for the 15 foot the mat is 159 inches and with a 12 foot it’s 125 inches. Which are the mathematicians your nice it’s just under 3 foot difference.

The whole range is the same steel tube frame is the same diameter and the same thickness which is fantastic this frame is slightly thicker and sturdier than the budget trampolines are trying to steer you away from it’s nice to see its continue through the whole range.

The springs are the same springs the 7 inches long which is better than some of the of the budget trampolines on have 5 inch springs. This more to springs and the length but typically the better spring more than as the March going to travel to the more energy you’ll have and the more control. The 15 foot has 108 springs and the 12 foot has 72 springs. More springs is better again have more control and you have ability to get higher as well.

Springs also help distribute the load and all of all the frame is very similar the maximum weight capacity is different between 15 foot and the 12 foot. The 15 foot the maximum weight capacity is 375lbs and first 12 foot it’s 330lbs of weight. That’s both a lot more weight than budget trampolines usually around 200lb  maximum weight. Again this is testament to the extra quality of the frame and other materials this trampoline.


okay now and when to come on to the topic of size and if you been on this website quite a while I read a few articles you going to know that I have an affinity towards larger trampolines. Any trampoline is better than no trampoline so let’s start there. If you buy this trampoline you going to be happy and if it’s the kids there going to be happy to. However larger trampolines are better and if you look at the picture below you see the difference between 12 foot trampoline and 15 foot trampoline.

Trampoline 12ft vs 14

to me it’s immediately obvious that you going to have more freedom to bounce around and do what you want and 15 foot trampoline you don’t have to take into consideration the enclosure are being too close to the site was on the 12 foot trampoline even when you’re in the middle are ready have that niggling in your subconscious that you quite close to the sides.

Trampoline prices skill incredibly well with size the difference between this trampoline at 12 foot and 15 foot isn’t that much if you’re already willing to put down the initial investment by the 12 foot trampoline at seriously consider getting the slightly larger version 14 or 15 foot it doesn’t cost much more but the experience is so much better.

Whats included?

what you get this trampoline? Well you obviously get the trampoline frame itself, the safety pad that goes around all the springs which is mad quite decent especially for the price. You also get the enclosure net which is pretty standard nowadays trampolines, in fact I’d say and goes far to say.by trampoline doesn’t have any enclosure net and you also get the manual with the instructions to construct it which isn’t bad you have seen much worse instructions to complete a trampoline. Then things you don’t necessarily get with other trampolines but you do this one is a ladder are included which is awesome but not necessary it’s only a few feet off the air you could easily hop on offer a ladder just makes it more accessible for everybody. You get e-book to help put the springs on to separately like you do with other trampolines and you also get a rain cover which is nice. Best of all also you get with this included is the price of shipping, this was the case anyway writing this review and hopefully still be the same but is slightly bewildering consider in this way is to hundred and £11 and comes in three boxes that they give free shipping but that I write this review you did get free shipping.


I am going to say it. Trampolines aren’t really a one-time investment unless you get a very high premium trampoline that is going to last 10 years you going to find out that trampolines do degrade so it’s nice have a warranty that is going to cover anything that breaks down prematurely. Warranty on this is pretty decent and it begins from the original date of purchase. You get six month warranty cover on the pads and enclosure nets which isn’t a huge amount of time but these are also relatively cheap to replace and you get one year warranty for the mat and the springs again really quite cheap to replace and that’s a standard cover. The thing that matters most is the frame is obviously the most expensive to replace and you get a free year warranty on that which is quite nice. Anything that detective with inside that warranty period will be replaced free. Their states that that’s the best manufacturers warranty for a trampoline under thousand dollars. I actually think the Acon warranty is better but that trampoline is more expensive but still under thousand dollars. Anyway it’s a decent warranty.


if you go online and look at forums our shopping websites can see quite a lot of reviews for this trampoline although it’s relatively new compared to other trampolines it’s already quite popular. As I said myself at my own personal review about this trampoline is it’s Pollard best in this price range definitely should be a consideration. It has very positive reviews throughout the Internet and a lot people comment on how hard it is to find affordable trampoline that can hold over 200lbs of weight.

One of the best things about buying a decent trampoline is that you kids are going to love it if you get an okay trampoline the going to right time but soon as you buy a good trampoline a lot of bounce with very little effort you kids are gonna want use it all the time. Lots of people say that the kids will not leave it alone and it’s an amazing way fair you to insert any kids in a healthy way get them away from the computer and this trampoline would do it a lot better than other cheaper trampolines. You also get that extra element of reassurance that this is safer than cheaper trampolines the frame is far less likely to break art the mat say than other really cheap trampolines.

So the majority of reviews for this trampoline said that it’s sturdy has a great bounce and is far better than a lot brands and worth the extra money over cheap trampolines.


Before I give this trampoline a lot of praise I do want to point out that there are better trampolines you can buy but you going to have to pay more. For the price point this is probably the King of trampolines the only thing I would consider is if you have the space for a slightly larger version. 12 foot trampoline are okay but 15 foot is so much better, the bounce is better and the feeling of freedom is a lot better as well. So yes this is an amazing trampoline and definitely one should get if you can’t afford a bigger budget but look at the oversize options as well.It is far superior to the budget trampolines even the best rated ones like the 12ft skywalker trampoline and the 12ft ultega jumper. They don’t compare, this is far superior, you will be happy you spent a little more.

You only want to buy a trampoline once to get the best you can for it within your budget. It doesn’t cost much more to get a larger version of this so if you can accommodate the extra room get the slightly larger one get a 14 and 15 foot one you want regret it.

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