Acon trampoline

So you want to know little bit more about the Acon air 4.3 14 foot trampoline. Well the bottom line is it’s an amazing trampoline. There are lots of great things about this trampoline and it’s definitely one you should consider if it’s within your price range.

If I didn’t have the 14 foot spring free trampoline this is the one I would go for if my budget couldn’t quite stretch to the premium price of the spring free then an acon trampoline is the next best thing. Well that is if safety is your absolute priority. You could argue that the acon is safe enough in that case it is better than the spring free and you should get the acon 14 foot instead.

Basically everything you want from a trampoline and everything trampoline needs to do this does really well. There is no cutting corners and its excellent construction, seriously it’s a rock! It really is a fantastic trampoline and you can see from customer reviews that I’m not the only that carries that opinion. If you are still not sure about which trampoline suits your budget or needs you can always compare 14 foot trampolines

YouTube Review

Okay I wouldn’t normally do this but this guy is a pretty big deal in the world of youtube for trampolines. Not only is it my opinion that this is the best trampoline you can buy for it’s price range but also Tanner Braungardt.

If you don’t know who he is he has probably got the biggest following on YouTube for trampolining. He talks about it in this video when you recommends trampolines. He says the acon rectangles are the best trampoline you can get but the circle isn’t much different it depends of which you prefer rectangular or circular trampolines.
The rectangular one is going to be better as it’s a rectangle and has a more uniform bounce but it also cost a lot more… a lot more, so for most people the acon 14ft circular trampoline will be better. But this is Tanner’s recommended trampoline as well as mine. Get the rectangle if you have the money but it’s a lot more and i would recommend the circle to most people just to save some money.

Why 14 foot?

Acon do the same trampoline in a range of sizes so you might be wondering why 14ft?

A 14 foot trampoline is such a great size and it can accommodate all age ranges and abilities. If you are unsure what size to get I would always say try and get a 14 foot and if that’s a little bit too big for your garden are slightly outside your price range then bring it down a little bit but 14 foot trampolines are amazing and are what you should aim for by default. It’s 14 foot in diameter from one side to the other so you actually have 12 foot of Matt to bounce on. So if you are in the middle you have 6 foot all around you.

I feel a lot more restricted when I have a 12 foot trampoline, like the enclosure is a bit too close to properly enjoy the freedom of the trampoline.

14 foot vs 12 foot

Below I have embedded two videos first one shows the size of 14 foot air con trampoline and the second one shows the size of 12 foot trampoline.

Now immediately I can tell the difference in size between the two trampolines looking at the video and you might be thinking well at 12 foot trampoline looks big enough. Some people it might be but when you are on the trampoline you feel like you’ve got a lot more freedom on the 14 foot and you don’t feel that they enclosures too close to you.  On the 12 foot definitely feels like that especially if your kids get a bit older they will probably want a bigger trampoline. You really don’t want to buy a trampoline twice if you can help it and given that the price difference between 12 foot 14 foot isn’t so substantial if you can afford it and you’ve got the room would always recommend going 14 foot.

Trampoline per price

I have talked about this before on the homepage and you can see a graph where I plot the price were trampoline against its diameter. The price increases quite linear see don’t pay much more for the bigger sizes you pay the same difference between 10 to 12 for as you would from 12 to 14 foot with most trampoline manufacturers. However since this trampoline was more important if you looking at value would be to circumference rather than diameter to get to get more trampoline for your money the larger you go. This is another reason why to looking for the best value trampoline should try go a little bit larger.


Once you go to 10 foot the design of the acon trampoline changes and the enclosure moves to the outside so you lose the safety feature of having the springs outside the trampoline. So I recommend for most people to stick to 12 and above. 14 foot really is that magic number though.


Safety is one the most important things when it comes to buying trampoline and that is partly why this trampoline is a little bit more expensive. Obviously it’s not that the same pricetag of the spring free trampoline but it’s still on the pricey side. But for me and for a lot of people you can’t put a price on safety.

Cheap trampolines have a tendency of not lasting as long for many reasons worst of all is a frame failure which happens from time to time on cheap trampolines. It only bounce and I even worse have your kid bouncing on the trampoline when the frame breaks.

broken tramplone


as you can see from the photo it does happen from time to time on cheaper trampolines at the frame will snap definitely something you want to avoid. The air con air 4.3 is one the sturdiest frames I have ever seen. It’s double vulcanized steel. The steel enclosure support posts are also kept away from the enclosure on the 14 foot model and also the enclousure keeps you safely away from the springs, so you can fall through the springs themselves. The Acon is a superior trampoline to the Zupapa but it this is outside your budget then the next best thing is the 14 foot Zupapa trampoline. Seriously it’s not as good but if you need to go cheaper its the next best thing


also a bit silly I think it should be included especially for the price but for a very nominal fee you can and probably should by the Acon air trampoline ladder. Is very cheap and it’s gonna assist in a off the trampoline so much ill make a big difference. Realistically my opinion though it should be included and that’s the downside. That and a little bit of a heavy price but this is a fantastic trampoline


This is an absolutely fantastic trampoline one of the best you can buy. If you can afford it its worth all the money should not ever buy another trampoline if you get this it should last a long time if you buy cheap trampoline you might have to buy two or three in the lifetime that this would last. Also I love the the safety features of the trampoline. The construction quality is amazing, the bounce is also amazing the design & features put this in a class above all trampolines in the price range. it’s an excellent trampoline.

If you are even looking at this you are considering buying a fantastic trampoline and this is the one you should buy.