Springfree trampoline

Okay so this is the trampoline that I have and it’s in the 14 foot section trampolines in this website (we don’t have a 13 foot section) but the truth being told it’s actually 13 foot across and slightly more square than is circular. Roll intense purposes it’s the same size as a 14 foot circular trampoline. If you take the surface area of the trampoline it’s 155 ft.² and their surface area of are traditional 14 foot circular trampoline is 153 ft.²  that is of course including the area that is for springs. So on a 13 foot Springfree actually get a bit more than on the 14 foot spring trampoline. But for all intents and purposes is comparable to our traditional 14 foot trampoline. Since you actually look at 30 foot trampolines and trampolines are usually manufactured in even sizes this 13 foot spring free trampoline will be a 14 foot trampoline section. If for what ever reason you don’t like that you can compare the best 14 foot trampolines here.

There are two things that you are not a straight away about spring free trampoline one be that has no springs and it looks very different from all the trampolines you listen and probably the second thing will be the price. I’m not gonna lie these trampolines are still very expensive. They have dropped in price since the first manufactured but this still are a little bit more expensive than the traditional trampoline. If this is outside your budget and I think a lot of people would consider it to be outside the budget you can always check out the best sprung trampoline you can get which is considerably cheaper to acon 14 foot trampoline


why this trampoline?

I’m an experienced gymnast and have seen quite a few injuries over the time of been training in quite a few the or serious injuries I’ve seen of been on trampoline. In America alone there are hundred thousand injuries each years contributed towards trampolining. And all are in most circumstances I know I could trust my kids it does give me peace of mind to know that they have the safest trampoline you can buy.

That said the barman to me was I wanted the safest trampoline that was also gonna last a long time. The design quality on this thing is amazing even the enclosure is fantastic made this no shortcuts are money saving techniques that been used to construct this. The bounce is also really good, I would brutally honest and say that the air con is a better bouncing trampoline but this is by far the safest there are no real hard parts in the frame is tucked away so neatly that you would find it really difficult even if you are trying to hit the frame.

What makes it so safe?

Spring free trampoline of obviously sin a gap in the marketplace far people who are safety conscious were trampolines. Obviously there is an element of risk trampoline gravity hits hard on a trampoline is, for your pin there and depending on where you land you the be safe are you going to itself. The first and most obvious way to improve safety other trampolines to get an enclosure and most the trampolines, if not all the trampolines that we recommend and review come with enclosures. An enclosure is gonna stop you from for trampoline unless you do something really silly like a double bouncing get thrown over the top of the enclosure. So in the next most dangerous aspects were trampolines the frame itself. If used trampoline long enough for the years that can be a few occasions where you hit the edge of the trampoline possibly with your head if you trip I stumble and that’s where you can really hurt yourself in the spring free trampoline assay on instances where you head of the frame is a 1% chance of it may actually cause death. So spring free trampoline don’t have a frame that runs flush with the mat. Also the support in poles for the enclosure are made from flexible material not from steel C can hit yourself of these and damage yourself doing so in the process.

Spring free trampolines are the world’s safest trampolines

spring free 13 foot jumbo square

this particular trampoline is the largest trampoline that spring free current the manufacturer S155. S155 simply refers to the square surface area of the trampoline been hundred and 55 feet. It’s rated for a jumper of up to  330 lbs. Not many people wear anywhere near that amount so it should accommodate absolutely anyone is got structural load capacity of 1100 so can accommodate a lot of people just sitting on it. The frame and the materials themselves are very robust and the manufacturers state that can lead out in the year all year round the trampolines of double powder coated galvanised steel frames and the mat enclosure use UV resistant materials so the sun will not decay them. As in the saponin other trampolines were where the left out in the sun over summer for a while the enclosure will begin to deteriorate and have actually seen it tear on impact before expect both the sun. Spring free trampoline should never do that.


you actually get quite a few extras with this trampoline and I know your pain quite a lot anyway so small little extras might not make it seem much more appealing but the nice have anyway. You do actually get a ladder with this trampoline and you don’t own their con you get a flaxseed ball basketball hoop which is pretty fun I’ve got to say slam dunking and doing somersaults at the same time and the trampoline is quite good fun.

Other Reviews

so this one my favorite trampolines is the trampoline I own I think it’s best investments are made to keep my kids happy, as well as myself I still do like to use this from time to time when the kids aren’t on it. But you shouldn’t just take my opinion at face value look at some of the reviews 13 foot Springfree trampoline gets Amazon the most five-star ratings an exceedingly positive reviews.


the me when it comes to choosing a trampoline there are two clear recommendations as the air con 14 foot trampoline and the spring free 13 foot jumbo square trampoline. This trampoline or the acon that’s what it comes down to. If safety is of the utmost importance and your the safest trampoline that money can buy spring free trampoline is for you the only thing the new consider is the pricetag this trampoline the safest trampoline the can by it’s also quite expensive. The air con is also tremendously well built trampoline and is really safe compared to other trampolines it just doesn’t stand up to the same standards of safety of spring free trampoline but if I have to say it does have a slightly better bounce.

The spring free foot trampolines trampoline I’ve got my own back garden think it’s amazing and it’s worth every single penny. Seriously give some consideration if you think it’s a bit too outside your budget I don’t rate safety as much then look at the acon 14 foot trampoline

I think everyone should consider getting a ‘decent’ trampoline rather than trying to get a ‘cheap’ trampoline. You are going to get a much better experience in almost every measureable way. If the springfree is way outside your budget and also the Acon then you could consider a budget trampoline such as the Super jumper 14ft trampoline

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