Super jumper trampoline

This super jumper combo trampoline is the cheapest 14 foot trampoline that we cover here on our If you like it is a bit repetitive now to look at some of the reviews but if you can get 14 foot trampoline I always say try and up your budget a little bit beyond what you might feel happy pain because you can get a much higher quality trampoline. You should try and think of a trampoline is an investment that is going to last rather than something you can buy again coupled with years. By buying a better quality trampoline something like the acon 14 foot trampoline you going to have a much better experience a much better quality trampoline both in terms of the safety measures taken the materials made the bounce trampoline have and also how long it will last.

If safety is your biggest concern than you could get the 13 foot spring free like me (it’s really a 14 foot trampoline if you measure it by surface area) but these things are really expensive and definitely outside most people’s budgets. So do recommend that air con 14 foot trampoline it’s the best trampoline you can get without paying crazy money. I also recommend the Ultega 14 foot trampoline and the skywalker 15 foot trampoline over this one and they aren’t as much of a stretch in terms of budget over this one.

But let’s not try and focus too much on other trampolines this is possibly review for the super jump got combo trampoline 14 foot. If you are a little unsure you can compare 14 foot trampolines with us and look for the one that will suit your budget and your needs.


The super jumper 14 foot trampoline

okay so what you get the trampoline? Well obviously is 14 foot but this is the lowest of the entry trampolines are recommend 14 foot you can already tell some of the differences between the trampoline and all the other recommended models. The first thing you will notice I won the first things I would notice is that the enclosure is on the outside the springs. This means unlike all the other models I’ve recommended that the enclosure itself doesn’t stop you from falling in between the springs the padded area does but I have personally have it happen to me were hit the trampoline the wrong angle is that between the padding and go between the springs and cut myself on the springs is not nice experience and Oliver models that recommend that 14 foot have the enclosure inside that area so you can’t possibly get to the springs if you own the trampoline without tearing through the enclosure.

The other thing that is immediately obvious is again relating to the enclosure itself this is a 14 foot trampolines definitely big enough to have the enclosure on inside the springs. The other problem was rather springs is that the supporting posts for the enclosure are also running for short with the enclosure itself so if you do misjudge a bounce and you going enclosure this a chance you can hit a pole directly. With the other models i recommended you can actually appal because the enclosure is held away from the poles you have to hit it with some force to that steel galvanised pole.

There is also a huge jump in sizes if you want to downsize this trampoline. Oddly enough the super jumper combo team don’t do a 12 foot trampoline seeking you have a 14 foot 16 for a 10 foot trampoline if you’re looking within that range.

The trampoline itself does come obviously with the enclosure included is made of galvanised steel which is standard the most trampolines although trampolines at the Aircon come with much stronger steel and are far less likely to crumple on this one. This also UV coated to try and prevent damage from the sun, so the enclosure at don’t rot as fast as if it wasn’t treated with UV coating. The weight limitless trampolines 225lbs which is quite light for a trampoline get into this more in a bit. You also get a spring tool to help get the springs on which is no real biggie as there are very cheap anyway.

Amazon Reviews

you can tell from the number of reviews that this trampoline has that is quite popular trampoline especially the community was on and it’s political retail at about from. Remarkably the do offer free shipping from time to time on such a large item which is also nice if you try and keep to a small budget.

The reviews themselves are very mixed the majority of them are positive but one that stands out immediately to me and I’m not sure if it’s still going to be there when you read it is one about the frame being unsafe. It appears from review their photos provided the frames actually snapped whilst the trampolines being used. The review states very briefly the the sun was bounce on a trampoline hit the enclosure and one of the poles holding large upstart and if. The buyer wasn’t aware of this and then the sun continue to use a trampoline a few weeks later it’s that. This are the real kicker was when a friend was using it you only weighed around 125lbs and the frame. Many pieces of metal had either broken or snapped. The verified purchaser continue say that this trampoline is dangerous and substandard and totally irresponsible of the manufacturers.

You can see the review above it may or may not still be on the Amazon website was posted time and you can see a few reviews that stay similar kind of story regarding this trampoline. However you can also see reviews that are raving about the product. Like said very mixed reviews for this but it is the cheapest 14 foot trampoline that seems to be reasonable. But then again I would describe this is hit and miss and it’s entirely up to you you have to make the call but this is the reason why I wouldn’t buy a cheap trampoline I will risk the frame breaking when my children are jumping on it.

I recommend the acon 14 foot trampoline if you want something that is absolutely rocksolid and amazing pounds and is going to last for a long time. It’s probably best trampoline that is 14 foot they also do smaller sizes well if that’s too big for you. And what recommend spring free because it’s outside most people’s budgets. If you are really trying to do this on a tight budget law you could consider this trampoline but I would recommend spending a little bit more money and getting either the skywalker or Ultega.


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