Ultega jumper trampoline

So this trampoline is in a similar price range to the upper bounce 14 foot trampoline. The upper bounce is a tremendously successful trampolining brand but I have to say the Ultega jumper 14 foot trampoline is the better choice.

It’s only a little bit more expensive definitely in the same price range but is superior for quite a few reasons which get to in this review. This is probably best midrange 14 foot trampoline you can get. If you can afford a little bit more then the Acon 14 foot trampolines is superior in almost every way but it’s quite a lot more expensive. And if safety is your number-one priority was a spring free trampoline but again a lot more expensive. If your budget is only up to this type of price range then this is probably the best trampoline you can get.

Ultega 14 foot trampoline

Not surprisingly with some of the innovations in this trampoline especially the price range you could probably guess that it’s been engineered by the Germans. Their engineering proficiency once again shines through with this trampoline. Surprisingly though this is the largest trampoline in the Ortega size. 14 foot trampoline is what I would try and go for every time and this is the only trampoline in their series has the enclosure cut off the springs which is in my opinion such a good safety feature I wish you would do in the smaller trampolines, but they don’t. As soon as you go to 12 for our lower the enclosure covers the springs as well which means you can go in between the mats and the springs and though it’s unlikely to happen it can’t happen on the 14 foot trampoline without tearing through the enclosure. Not surprisingly trampoline from Ultega has the best bounce and the most number springs 88.

Like most trampolines it’s made from galvanised steel and although it says that the maximum user weight is up to 200lbs that’s one person jumping on it actively and the upper bounce being 300lbs and still feel safer using this trampoline.

There’s a lot of superior functions and features in the weights being constructed in this over the upper bounce.

Let’s start with the frame itself and much prefer the design of how this one stands one of the problems of similar trampolines before is the legs can crumple underneath them. But how these are designed had the God down meet the ground and then come out more it gives them far much more support than other trampolines such as the upper bounce. Also there are eight support poles for the enclosure instead of six which means it’s pulled tighter towards the poles and you have a slightly larger area inside the enclosure. The enclosure itself is wider at the top then is the bomb which also will make the trampoline feel larger. The matting to the spring is also better quality than the bounce in my opinion. The upperbounce 14 foot trampoline is also quite a popular trampoline in this budget and depending on current prices can be cheaper though not quite as good.

They say themselves that this is a lace and safest trampoline within its price group and I tend to agree with them.

I would buy some wind stakes thought this trampoline. The relatively inexpensive and all you do is that he set up the trampoline put these into the ground on the frame. From being blown away in high winds quite essential really. The trampoline also doesn’t come with a spring pulling tool so also buying one of these is also good idea. If you are still unsure if this trampoline is for you, you can look at the best 14 foot trampolines here

Look at those reviews

If you go on Amazon on which is where we’d recommend you buying trampoline from anywhere as is not some of the best returns policy and cheapest prices as well as delivery you can get you can see a lot of reviews this trampoline. It’s probably the most popular price range for trampolines end its direct competitor is the upper bounce. If you compare them side-by-side I would say that this one has better reviews.

This is far fewer mixed reviews although like anything as hundreds of reviews you can find a few -ones in their this is far more positive reviews in the upper bounce are any other trampoline we can find within the same price and sector.


this is the best trampoline you can get for this price range it performs better than the upper bounce and is a top performer in the midrange trampolines. If you don’t mind spending a bit more money to receive a built high-quality better bouncing trampoline than you can get the acon 14 foot trampoline. But if that’s too expensive for your then this is the one you should be buying.

When this trampoline was designed safety was a top priority the safety net is over 6 foot high and customer service is superior with Ultega.

An absolute masterclass of a budget trampoline