Upper bounce

The upper bounce 14 foot trampoline is one the most popular trampolines you can buy especially from Amazon.com. It’s an okay trampoline at an okay price. If you can afford it and definitely recommend that you have a look at the acon 14 foot trampoline it’s far better construction and will last longer than the upper bounce it has better safety features and it’s just overall a much superior trampoline. That being said though it is quite a lot pricier. It just depends whether you can justify spending that much more money and get on air, if not and you really strapped a new budget can only just accommodate trampolines in this price range than the upper bounce is probably gonna be one of the best trampolines you can get. But you can get much better 14 foot trampolines and i recommend you look at the 3 premium trampolines we have reviewed in the previous link in this sentence.

Upperbounce 14 foot trampoline

So what do you get with the upper bounce trampoline?

The bounce is a 14 foot trampoline that is pretty well constructed it’s got some assay features I really like to see special it comes to the enclosure. The enclosure is quite an important set feature on a lot trampolines and I much prefer enclosures are designed in the way that this one with bounces. There are two things I look for on a modern trampoline with enclosure one is that it covers the springs and not the entire trampoline. That means that if you bounce on the mat and end up at the edges the enclosure will stop you from falling into the springs this is a really good set feature but only on some trampolines and specifically larger models. As you get smaller trampoline usually put the enclosures on the outside of the springs as you can the stand try and maximise the size inside the enclosure. This is another reason why recommend getting 14 foot trampoline. The other feature I really like from enclosure is that the supporting biosphere enclosure don’t run flush with enclosure itself. What I mean is that there is no contact between enclosure material and the steel support bars. Obviously is contact with the enclosure might still by that means that if you trampoline you are bouncing and you fell into the enclosure is a chance you can still bar as well.

The upper bounce 14 foot trampoline has both these set features for its enclosure which is nice. Also the supporting bars are covered in form if you do manage to fall quite heavily into the enclosure and it a metal Paul you actually protected by form.

The matting for the springs themselves is actually an inch thick and is quite decent construction quality.

It’s got a pretty standard weight that it recommends you can go to which is 330lbs. it’s very simple to construct and is made from galvanized durable steel.


This is a bit of a budget trampoline and it is an okay trampoline though for the same pricerange the skywalker 14 foot trampoline is going to better for most people. Another alternative to this trampoline could be the Zupapa 14 foot trampoline it’s the cheapest premium trampoline and is superior in almost every way to this upper bounce trampoline but closer in price. The Zupapa is also much cheaper than the Acon 14 foot trampoline.

Other People Say

it’s got a real mixed reviews if you look at the monomers on most of the more positive. Most of them are very positive but there is unsurprisingly quite a large range when it comes to the satisfaction the product. It’s a pretty good trampoline it’s better than a lot of the others in this price range but if you want the kind of trampoline you’d expect to be buying this price range that’s to pay a bit more and get one are ones of mentioned before. However if this is reaching the upper limit of your price range then it’s probably best to get. A lot of people are very satisfied of it send it’s the first trampoline ever got an exceedingly happy with it.


ideally that see people pay a little bit more and get a better trampoline specifically that a con 14 foot trampoline or if you really don’t mind spending the cash get in the springless 13 foot trampoline like I have.

This trampoline is okay but it’s nowhere near as firm and is structurally sound as the acon trampoline. I personally think you can’t put a price on safety. If you’re considering getting a trampoline you going to be using it for 10 years especially my kids these trampoline daily definitely worth paying a little bit more stuff and its can be stable part of your kids enjoyment. So if you don’t mind spending a little bit more I would definitely push in the direction of looking at the acon.

However if that’s outside a price range then this is probably the best you could do within this specific price range the reviews are pretty good we can see is also quite a lot of dissatisfied customers with it as well. But for this price range you not do much better.


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