Acon trampoline

Let’s get straight to the point the Aircon 15 foot trampoline is probably one the best if not the best 15 foot trampoline you can buy. It’s probably the best structured trampoline in this price bracket full stop. If you’re in the market for a quality trampoline and you don’t mind paying a little extra you will not be disappointed with this.

Don’t just take my word for it though probably the biggest authority on trampolines you can find online is Tanner Braungardt. The chances are you probably haven’t heard of him but he’s a massive trampoline enthusiast that’s what is channels about me has over 1 million subscribers on one of his videos he talks about which trampoline to buy, he says this one. Well he actually recommends the square version of the a con trampoline but that’s outside most people’s budgets does therefore recommend for most people get in the circular version which is this one.

15 ft Acon Trampoline

If the biggest authority on tramlining online recommends this trampoline as well as me you know your onto a good thing.

The top two 15 foot trampolines

if you look at our comparison of 15 foot trampolines you can see that in the Premier section of the table there are two that are at the top the first of this one and the second one is the Skybound Stratos. Both are fantastic I would say the Acon is slightly better constructed and performs better but cost more.

Acon 15 foot trampoline details.

There are quite a few things to note with the Acon 15 foot trampoline. It’s one of the best sturdiest frames have ever seen a trampoline. The mat is exceptionally well-made and the enclosure as well. Does not shortcuts been taken to design the manufacturers trampoline. Initially I thought it would be a lot of trouble to construct this trampoline and deconstruct it in winter as some people like to do. But it was made in Finland which might not mean anything to you but was made in Finland and it was designed to be all-weather purpose. Fit to be out and exposed to all the elements be one of our summer and that’s in Finland which is one of the coldest places in Europe.

A lot for consideration has gone into this trampoline to make sure it made from the highest quality materials and that is reflected by the fact that you can leave it out all year round without it being damaged to the same level as a cheap trampoline. It is quite heavy though it weighs in at around 300lbs which is very heavy for a trampoline again this no way around this the bigger the frame and the much more robust is to have it’s going to be.

There is no single user weight limit on this trampoline! That’s the first time a trampoline that doesn’t have a weight limit for single user again testament to how well it’s constructed. The do have an overall weight limit law of 800lbs which is incredible. Most trampolines have a weight limit of around 250lbs to 330lbs.

One thing I will say though is that the instructions could be a little bit clearer and I think this is where the major complaints the trampoline come from. I’ve heard of people installing the enclosure on the wrong way round and it can happen. So just take a little bit of care just to read through the instructions and find the right parts to start with make sure you got like the right way round before you start constructing it. It’s not rocket science but it is possible to make mistakes in the instructions could be bit clearer but that’s the biggest downside to this trampoline and that says a lot


okay the frame is extremely durable and well constructed is probably the most impressive part this trampoline and it’s what sets it apart from all the others in terms of safety and performance as well as price. The frame is Double galvanized 2 inch diameter 0.08 inch thick steel. You will be hard-pressed to find a frame that’s better are more resilient than this


Made from polypropylene and is UV resistant. 6 times it’s been cross-sewed, usual to be 3. Very thick will last a long time.

Again it screams quality it’s made from polypropylene and is very UV resistant. A lot of other trampolines can speed UV resistant and that the once and then start to fray and get weaker and eventually the mat will tear but this is much better constructed than cheaper trampolines it’s interwoven cross sewed six times whereas the standard is free for times. Its excellent but in case anything does happen you can buy replacements from acon


you get 110 springs 96 as the standard for most 15 foot trampolines. The springs are 21 cm long and preload with a force off 69 newtons which being honest probably means not a lot to you in a layman’s term it’s got one the best if not the best bounce in trampoline without pain a lot more money. The springs are again very robust and are rust resistant and very strong.


Paddy might not seem like much of an important thing when picking your trampoline and maybe it’s not to you. It’s certainly not a deal breaker from either. That being said the padding on this trampoline is excellent and if you can appear that kind of money for a trampoline you want every aspect of it to be high quality. This is super thick 1.2” 14” wide really robust and is going to last a long time. The only downside to it really is it’s only available in green.


an amazing enclosure is all this is super sturdy. The trampoline itself can take a weight of up to £800 and is expected they apply the same kind of principles to the enclosure at central take £800 of force but it’s going to take the sturdiest impact of any kid or adult without any problems. It’s also UV resistant and weather resistant. Is basically to the same standards as the rest of the trampoline which is been designed specifically to be left outside


okay now come to perhaps the only downside the trampoline. The assembly. The assembly I don’t think is particularly that difficult it’s very standard construction process. The problem arises from the manual. Some of the instructions in their right quite so clear and have heard of people doing some silly things. As long as you take your time make sure you look at the parts and the manual itself you not going to have a problem actually take a couple of people in our to construct everything.


seriously this trampoline is built to last and the warranty reflects their own confidence in that fact. The frame itself has a five-year warranty which is very good for a trampoline usually you get two years on a frame or one year so having five as part of free warranty reflects the manufacturers conference in the trampoline. All the parts trampoline have one year warranty but these rather cheaper things to replace anyway.

Buy Cheap Buy Twice

I don’t want to bang this on every single time a talk about trampolines but do feel it’s important in case this is the only page you’ve read on this website and you are interested in this review. And that is that I really try and steer people away from buying cheaper trampolines. If you look at this trampoline it’s got a warranty for five years is very unlikely that anything is going to break and if it does is going to get replaced free. Now if you get a trampoline that is half the price and has a one-year warranty is far more likely that it’s going to break I’ve seen frame snap and I’ll include a photo here.

[Broken Trampoline]

It’s really not good thing for you trampoline to fail if it’s going to feel it’s more likely going to do so whilst in use which can result in pretty serious injuries. That’s the primary reason why would suggest getting a better constructed and more expensive trampoline the second reason is it’s just can bounce a lot better. It’s going to absorb the impact better and be softer and also give you the ability to bounce higher this can be a much more enjoyable experience and it’s safer. Just bear that in mind again if you find this trampoline a little bit too expensive look at the best15 foot trampolines that we recommend.


In terms of quality and experience you can’t rate this trampoline high enough. It Is probably the best 15 foot trampoline you can buy. It’s definitely the heaviest and most well constructed and probably one of the safest. That extra weight does mean it’s expensive to ship as well. This brings me to the downside this trampoline it might be outside of your price bracket it is expensive. In my opinion definitely worth the price if you can justify it to yourself its can outlast almost everywhere trampoline and it’s very good to use. If this is outside your price bracket have a look at the other premium trampolines that we recommend the Skybound Stratos 15 ft and the Zupapa 15 ft. but in terms of quality and experience 15 feet this is a trampoline to get.

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