The exacme 15 foot trampoline is targeted towards the budget audience of trampolining. Now there’s a few things say about this particular demographic and if you fit within the self. What mean is if you type person who want a trampoline but doesn’t want to pay a lot of money from it then this poly going to be a trampoline appeals to you. However if you’re that type of person the new definitely the type of person that doesn’t want to spend money twice on a trampoline because this doesn’t deliver exactly what you’re after. That doesn’t necessarily mean it’s a bad trampoline and went against the more details of it right now. However with budget trampolines you definitely can have high percentage chance that you going to have a bad experience than a better trampoline.

Compare trampolines

If you look at our comparison to 15 foot trampolines you’ll see that it is split into two categories the first premium trampolines in the second is budget trampolines. This trampoline the exacme 15 foot trampoline is in the budget trampoline section and it’s possibly the second-best depending on how you look at it. That means not terrible trampoline if it was at IU right now and this would be the shortest review you’ve ever seen for a trampoline.

exacme 15 foot trampoline

Here we go again

Now I feel I can probably repeat myself but if this is only article you’ve read on 15 foot trampolines then it’s important to let you know a few things. I always try to point people towards premium trampolines especially a cheaper one such as the Zupapa 15 foot trampoline it’s incredible how and shoulders above the budget trampolines but without that massively premium price tag you get with others.

15 foot trampolines

I’m glad that you looking at 15 foot trampolines. I personally think that for most people are 14 or 15 or even a 13 foot trampoline would be ideal if you are tempted by smaller trampoline especially because they are cheaper then I think you can be disappointed. It really doesn’t cost much more to get a large trampoline this scale with price really well but the experience skills far beyond it. The bounce and safety on a bigger trampoline is much better. You don’t constantly have to think about coming up trampoline hitting the enclosure you got a lot more room to play about a lot more springs to take the impact and bounce you up for the price you should always be looking at a trampoline that surround the 13 to 15 foot range unless you’ve got a lot of money and you want to get a huge rectangular trampoline. Again buying one quality trampoline that is going to last should be the aim and the objective. A lot of people are surprised how much the children love trampolines assuming you buying this for your children and not for yourself. And it really pays to spend a little bit more money and get in a big durable trampoline that is going to ask many years rather than a cheap trampoline that might break of any year has to be replaced and is money give the same experiences larger trampoline. So my recommendation is always look at free premium trampolines are recommended within this 15 foot limit are look at some the other trampolines in the 14 foot limit.

That being said and my rant is out of the way let’s have a look at the exacme 15 foot trampoline

Exacme 15 foot trampoline the details

Okay let’s get all the boring things out of the way first look at the specifications trampoline. As you might have gathered it is 15 foot across and it contains 108 springs. That’s quite generous for 15 foot trampoline and a general rule is that more springs the better the bounce a absorbs more control you have all the bounce and you can also get higher. Quite simply more is better when it comes to springs.

The weight limit on this trampoline is 375lbs although I’ll probably come back to this later on because there are a few people who had problems that may revolve around the weight limit.

The frame

the frame is made from rust resistant galvanised steel and it’s going to way around hundred and £80 in total to ship the whole trampoline. It has taught too much about the frame to be honest this is okay as in far better again any the premium trampolines are going to blow this out of the water I’ve seen worse. But I have seen instances of this frame failing which is something always avoid. Buying a trampoline where the frame is been no one to snap. Maybe they just got unlucky with a particular trampoline had themselves but this isn’t the heaviest you frame a racing but it’s not the worst. It does come covered in grease when you get it some people like to wipe it off but I would tend to keep it on because it’s there to preserve the frame. As spoke about for its 15 feet in diameter the trampoline is 3 foot off the ground. The enclosure is 6 foot high making a total of 9 feet. I’ve mentioned about clearance all around the trampoline and above it on the homepage of the website but typically you want 25 foot vertical clearance and a few feet in all directions around it.


Assembly this trampoline, I’ve heard different people say different things most people in general find it relatively easy to assemble. Generally with any trampoline it’s better to have two people do it and you can cross-reference with each other to see if you doing the right things. If your two people were in experience you could put this trampoline up within an hour two hours at most however there are some reports of people saying it this troubled and it took them a lot of hours. That being said I have seen trampolines with far worse manuals the construction trampoline. Not rocket science but it could be better. There are some people as well who made modifications the trampoline which is in great and again it comes with the territory of a budget trampoline they have a few problems which you might want to address but no one really wants to modify a trampoline it should be ready from day one. One good thing is that there is no need for any extra tools on the assembly everything you need is included.

The mat

The mat is UV protected and is made with Polypropylene which is pretty standard for most trampolines. The stitching is okay know any other standard of any of the premium trampolines are talk about but it’s okay I have seen worse as well. There’s no other markings on the mat just an ex-in the centre or the logo depending on which factory run you get.

The springs

The springs are okay on this trampoline they too are also covering a thin layer of grease and a galvanised to help protect against rusting. The quite standard 7 inch and the do a decent job


Reviews of the exacme 15 foot trampoline

If you look round the internet you are going to find quite a few reviews for this trampoline. You can find information from forums, review sites and shopping sites. The reviews for this trampoline are mixed, mostly positive but mixed. Some people have had terrible experiences with it though so you should bear that in mind.

One of the instances of someone having a bad experience this trampoline was someone in an area where the weather wasn’t too extreme and they kept it in the shade away from the sun all year round. However the trampoline deteriorated quite quickly it was only six months until the enclosure was in a very bad state. The trampolines continue to be used and about 1 ½ years after purchase the mat tore while their child was using trampoline. I’ve attached a picture of torn mat from this trampoline below.

exacme torn mat

Thankfully the child is okay but again it should illustrate the really when buying trampoline you should try and get the trampoline for the cheapest price possible. You should try and up your budget and see can get the most affordable decent trampoline. Again one of our premium trampolines.

Other people have said that the poles for the enclosure are quite thin and flimsy and having pack snapped on them. They managed to reinforce the poles by putting up all insider but again I don’t think should be buying trampoline and modifying it for it to be safe.

These are some of the bad things I could find about the review the world a lot of others again it’s really makes review get some people are very happy with a trampoline but I have to offset that with how happy people are were trampolines. I think people undervalue how much you families going to enjoy it so when you get a trampoline the CF from the think it’s fantastic especially if it’s the first trampoline. These things are not put me off especially when it doesn’t cost much more to get trampoline that built a much higher quality.


This trampoline has quite a lot of mixed reviews and it also has mixed feelings from myself. That means that it’s incredibly popular you can see just is on it’s quite popular trampoline. I seriously would consider giving this trampoline amiss adding a little bit more to budget and getting the Zupapa 15 foot trampoline. It doesn’t cost too much more but it’s vastly superior it’s also around the same kind of popularity. That is if you’re still wanting to try and get a decent trampoline on a tight budget. If you are willing to spend bit more get the 15ft trampoline from Acon or the 15ft Skybound Stratos. Both these trampolines do cost quite a bit more but take a look at those free premium trampolines that just mention their. If they are too expensive or you and you really want to stick to the budget trampolines I be tempted to point you in the direction of the skywalker 15 foot trampoline.

The skywalker 15 foot trampoline is in the same price bracket but much more popular and is Polly slightly better trampoline in all regards.

If you’re interested in the exacme 15 foot trampoline you can find more information here.
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