Skybound Stratos

There are 2 15 foot trampolines which really stick out above the rest of the crowd. The first is that acon 15 foot trampoline which is probably the best constructor trampoline with the best bounce out of the 15 foot trampolines without spending ludicrous amounts of money. The other one really stands out is the skybound trampoline, this one. It’s a hard tossup between the two if you’re looking for a very good premium 15 foot trampoline it’s either going to be the acon or the skybound. Honestly I direct anyone towards these two trampolines it’s well worth paying a little bit more to get top notch quality trampoline rather than trying to get the 15 foot trampoline for a few hundred dollars. If you are still unsure check out our table comparing the best 15 foot trampoline


I would recommend anyone to invest with the mentality that trampolines around for a few years and either these two trampolines will last so much longer than a cheap trampoline. Also ask yourself what happens when a trampoline is done? If trampoline breaks might think okay got to buy a new one but it’s more than likely going to break when it’s in use. This is something you one avoid all costs you never want a catastrophic failure either to the mat or to the frame while it’s in use and that’s probably the main reason I would recommend a more expensive trampoline you don’t want them to snap. Safety is really important in my eyes and to me and my children.


Neither of these are the Skybound Stratos these are cheap trampolines and show what can happen

Just in case you haven’t seen already this is an image of a trampoline frame from the cheaper model and it does happen from time to time it will snap. Both of the supreme you trampolines that’s this one and a con are of such well constructed materials it’s far less likely to happen and that’s one the reasons why a point in this direction.

The other reason as well as safety and construction quality is that the bounce is just far much better on both these two trampolines. They also have very good warranties but that goes part with them be better constructed and is a testament to that.

What you get with the sky bound Stratos 15 foot trampoline.

Pretty much everything you could want in a trampoline this delivers. It’s extremely bouncy exceptionally safe and well constructed and easy to set up and not bewilderingly expensive like the spring free trampoline (although they are awesome).


One of the first thing you going to notice is the amount of enclosure poles and the shape of the enclosure poles that this trampoline uses. There’s 12 altogether which is more than usual trampolines you can have six or eight. Pretty obviously the more the better. Better for safety reasons. They also shape in a curve away from the trampoline and back towards at the top. This means if you run into the trampoline enclosure you’ve got a lot more distance before you would make contact with one of the poles. It’s pretty simple and I expect you going to see a lot more manufacturers using the same kind of shit poles for the enclosure in the future. But the skybound Stratos appears to be slightly ahead of the curve. The poles themselves are also covered in a proprietary system from sky bound they are far superior to normal form noodles. It’s a blend of vinyl PVC and pole foam and withstands UV far better.

weight limit

the weight limit on this gathering sat us is a very respectable 330lb this is at the high-end most trampoline manufacturers especially to ones are usually sub 300lb. Not stuck at the acon too much but that does have a weight limit of 800lb which is incredible and again shows the confidence that they have in the frame they have engineered.


This is the best warranty I have ever seen from any trampoline manufacturer. That’s a great sign again reflects the quality of this trampoline. You get a 10 year warranty on the frame which is amazing most cheap manufacturers only give you one year warranty for the frame. The acon which I read about all the time only gives you a five year warranty on the frame so 10 years of spectacular. And again it shows a difference between buying cheap trampoline and a quality trampoline. These things are made to last. That being said though it only has a six month warranty on spring pad itself. But these are far cheaper to replace than the frame.


The sky bound trampoline features a lightning quick enclosure system installation. That means there are no bolts screws, brackets, braces or pole caps. This makes one of the easiest and quickest trampolines to construct and deconstruct.


so the start did mention that the two premium 15 foot trampolines that really stand head and shoulders above all the other trampolines are the a con 15 foot trampoline and this one. I was recommend people go through premium trampoline rather than the cheap one for the reasons mentioned above and for the reasons mentioned throughout the website generally safety and the experience is worth the extra cost.

So which is better the air con are the sky bound strategies 15 foot trampoline? Realistically if you have either these you not going to be disappointed the both excellent and I would say that the air con is slightly better but it does cost more. Have a look at both of them sky bound 15 foot trampoline is more of an your budget and you can afford a con or you just prefer it then go for it. All in all this is an absolute solid trampoline definitely one should buy without hesitation.

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