So you’re interested in the skywalker 15 foot trampoline? Is any good? You are about to find out. Okay this big divide when it comes to trampolines between the premium trampolines and the budget trampolines. If you knew buying trampoline is an explicit most people only buy one annually binaries if you want breaks. So the chances are, the first time buying trampoline and nor want to pay extra for something that is no better.

The premium trampolines are far better there much safer and they have a much better bouncing experience whether you can buy it for is going to love a premium trampoline. The obvious downside is that they do cost more but trampoline is going to be one the best purchases you’ve ever made. Just read some of the reviews on Amazon and you will see people who talk about how much the kids love it and how these all the time these are much more frequent and premium trampolines for. If you are unsure on what trampoline to get compare the best 15 foot trampolines with our easy comparison table.

skywalker 15 foot trampoline

The skywalker 15 foot trampoline is not what we will consider a premium trampoline it’s still a budget trampoline but it’s probably the best of the budget trampolines you’ve ever seen. So if you not willing to spend the money fork out for a premium trampoline which is a shame but it does happen then this is probably the best budget trampoline you can get. Other budget trampolines aren’t built as well and cost more this is absolute sweet spot for get the best trampoline cheaper than most others.

Skywalker 15 foot trampoline the details

Great recognised brand. Safe affordable, easy to assemble

Might not look immediately different from a cheaper trampoline but this won’t rust or wont rust bearly as quickly as other cheaper trampolines. I shuldnt really need ot tell you that rust is a bad thing on a trampoline not only does it look bad its also dangerous. Rust weakens the frame.

15 ft by 9.5 ft comes in 2 boxes

For ages 6 and above. Weight limit of 200 lb – which is the manufactures limit but we have heard of people 250lbs plus using it everyday doing flips and its okays

Safety enclosure – stay put enclisure

Safety enclose uses a patented button hole feature  – so no ropes/string to attach the enclosure – thins again keeps the enclosure close to the mat

Frame is heavy duty construction – stable, W shaped legs – galvanized

Enclosure held with T sockets to prevent twisting

Very good reviews – buy it again in a heart beat. People who have done a lot of research and settle on this one and are not disappointed. Great for kids away from computer. Use it daily look at the stars and talk. The majpority of the reviews that aren’t excellent appear to be talking about the instruction manual being a problem more than anything else. Also two boxes can be a problem with delivery some people said that they comes at  separate times others say that they were missing a box.

warranty for the net is a mere 90 days, $100 for a new net – Other people have had this for 2 years + with absolutely no probnelms. A few people have bad reviews. Some say it lasted just 9 monthsbefore srings broke and where they attach to the enclosure started to pull away. 2 months later and the springs were ripping where they were attached.



Not difficult to put together but some people did struggle. Just make sure that you pay attention to where the enclosure door is when putting up the enclosure before you start attaching the springs.

Different colours but be careful price varies dramatically

Construction 1 hour one person. All tools included in the box. A lot of people report that the enclosure is already attached to the mat. You just need to make sure you have it at the right orientation before you start to attach all the springs.

If you are looking to get something to get your kids off the computer..

A lot of people report keeping it out all year round and its fine. Wind snow or rain

This is probably the best budget trampoline. In my opinion it quite a bit better than the jumpking 15 foot trampoline, Kangaroo jumpers 15 ft trampoline and especially the Skytric 15 ft trampoline.It’s also slightly better than the 15ft trampoline by exacme. Basically for a budget trampoline this is currently the best available.

The bad

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