Okay so you looking at the sky trick 15 foot trampoline with enclosure. You making a good decision by getting a 15 foot trampoline. I always try and encourage people to get trampoline between the size of 13 & 15 foot. Generally speaking the bigger the trampoline the better the experience. This is the two reasons the bounce and control you have is a lot better because is more springs and it spread across a bigger area. The other aspect is that you don’t feel enclosed you don’t have to worry about hitting the sides as much. The other thing is that price scales incredibly well with trampolines in accordance to size. You don’t have to pay comparatively too much to get a bigger trampoline in most cases so don’t be tempted by making of tiny saving on a small trampoline is not worth the detriment of the experience. So you are making a good decision on the size, that’s a good start.

Now the problem comes with the trampoline you chosen itself and will look at some of the aspects of the skytric trampoline and discuss them here.


to be honest it’s really not the best constructor trampoline ever since. It’s not the best constructor trampoline absent in this price range. Is a little bit hit and miss a thing might be some inconsistencies in the manufacturing process. Some people set rocksolid which I think is Polly people is an experience of trampolines adult think anyone with any real experience would call it that. Other people comment that the whole storm line up properly from the frame and you need to twist it to get the screws in.

Most people report that there is a design flaw which hold the enclosure net and that the constant the commodity connections. Some people have said that this superglue it to keep in place but either way this should never have to be the case when you buying a trampoline. You shouldn’t have to modify for it to function properly. So the construction of it is in great.



it’s hard to talk about assembly process being good one avoid at the construction process of this trampoline not been great and there is inconsistencies. Is very similar process with assembly a lot of other trampolines except the frame isn’t made to an exceptional standard and sometimes you really need is trying to stick to get in place. That being said it should only take a couple of hours. I’m really not a fan of budget trampolines


if you go looking online in forums shopping websites and trampoline related websites you are going to find reviews this trampoline. These are very mixed reviews. Which when it comes to trampolines is actually quite a bad sign. You going to get people don’t know much about trampolines get their first and really enjoy the trampoline without knowing whether it’s a good trampoline or a bad trampoline the just happy to have one. These people who generally put positive reviews without knowing too much about it. So the trampoline has some bad reviews it’s probably laws you need to listen to more as these people have some idea what to expect and not substandard. This is kind of the case with the skytric. It is very mixed reviews and some reviews are quite worrying to be honest. The slot people reporting that things on a trampoline fell such a spring snapping within a few months which is pretty unacceptable the enclosure poles bend that I could see that happening just from the design of it. So all in all not fantastic reviews. That’s including our own personal review it’s not fantastic this trampoline.

skytric ripped paddingskytric 15 ft broken

You can see above that this isn’t the greatest quality trampoline. It has a lot of reports of the frame warping

Which brings you to question why would you risk it? You can get a better trampoline just by paying a little bit extra or you can actually get a much better performing budget trampoline within the same price range.


okay so the skytric 15 foot trampoline, what you think I’m going to say? Is a very hit and miss trampoline and honestly I think that most of the positive reviews you can find online of it are either going to be people who are very very inexperienced trampolines and are just happy to get something that they think works or perhaps people who’d been paid to make a review on the trampoline. For this price range you can definitely get a better trampoline.

Again just reviewing this trampoline is reminded me how much I really don’t like the idea of buying a cheap trampoline. Is going to be one the best purchases you’ve made the kids and that’s why it does have positive reviews. Because people are so surprised at how much their children are themselves enjoy the trampoline and the thing should but one a long time ago. If it can bring that much fun you should really be willing to pay little bit extra for something it’s going to perform the way it should perform and is going to be safe.

I really like a durable strong frame it’s going to last a long time. You’ll save money long run by buying a better trampoline that is going to last longer and you can have far less risk involved. People report that spring to snapping within a couple of months of getting this trampoline. Having the springs snap while you using it or having the enclosure tear are the mat tear could result in pretty serious injury even the frame buckling is possible on cheaper trampolines. If you’re not willing to pay for one of the expensive premium trampolines I would recommend look at the cheapest premium trampoline the Zupapa 15 foot trampoline. Even if you just go on Amazon the reviews and compare them you can see a massive difference. If you really willing to pay any more then you could look at probably the best budget trampoline the skywalker 15 foot trampoline

the skytric 15 foot trampoline isn’t the worst trampoline about sin by longshot but there are better trampolines available within the same price range and I’d recommend you look at the alternatives. Compare 15 foot trampolines

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