Zupapa Trampoline

The Zupapa 15 foot trampoline is the cheapest of our Premier rated trampolines. It’s definitely not as good a trampoline as the Acon 15 foot trampoline or the Skybound Stratos 15 foot trampoline but it’s far better than average cheap trampoline.

It’s excellent if you’re on the fence between just buying a cheap trampoline and you can’t decide or afford the acon or Stratos then this is an excellent choice. I might sound a little bit repetitive especially if you’ve read reviews of other trampolines on this website but I always try to steer people away from the cheaper trampolines and pay more and get a great trampoline. There is a big difference between one premium rate trampolines and are cheap trampoline. The going to last a lot longer, they are a lot safer and bounce a lot better overall it’s much better experience but not a lot more money. If you are unsure which trampoline to go for then look at our list of best 15 foot trampolines

Most people who buy a trampoline have their eyes opened especially if it’s for the children the soon discover that it’s probably one of the best things that ever bought. Mine provides non-stop entertainment for my children every single day in summer. It’s great for your kids to socialise your kids as well ever wants to get involved. So if you get a cheap trampoline you taken away bit of that experience with them because it’s not going to be as good and it’s not going to be as involving. And also when it does break you to then decide of you going to buy another one are leave them via trampoline. Like a lot of things is better to buy a better product once than a cheaper product multiple times.

Now that that’s out of the way my little rant about why you should pay that little bit extra for a decent trampoline and will focus on the Zupapa 15 foot trampoline.

It’s a relatively new trampoline but is proven to be incredibly popular, for the reasons of mentioned above it’s an excellent trampoline but a really cheap price for what you getting. Is probably the most popular trampoline in our Premier trampoline section. So if you are tight budget this is definitely the one you should consider either 15 foot 14 foot.

Zupapa 15ft Trampoline

When it comes to trampolines there are two main factors that decide whether its good or bad. One is the bounce and that’s been very general there are a few things that influence bounce how well it absorbs how high it bounces you up the size of the trampoline if it’s too small then you don’t have the confidence to bounce or try any tricks does a few things encompassing up at the first factor is the bounce, this is the general experience of the trampoline. The second possibly more important is safety. Generally it safety that skills with price and this is another reason why never go for a cheap trampoline because you really cut back on the safety aspects. Trampolining is relatively safe but you can have some serious injuries to was featured approach buying trampoline from the angle of thinking about the safety and it’s been so trampoline against a budget. It’s a far better trampoline than for example a budget trampoline like the exacme 15 foot trampoline.


You should never overlook safety when buying a trampoline. As mentioned earlier not all trampolines are created equally and this is normally reflected in the safety of the trampoline. You don’t want of frame malfunction while trampolines in use nor the mat nothing is worse than the trampoline breaking new as you using it. So I was rate safety is a very important factor when choosing your trampolines. This is usually one the aspects that separates the premium trampolines to the cheaper budget trampolines. The Zupapa 15 foot trampoline is constructed to an excellent standard all the trampolines get TUV certified. You might not be familiar with TUV certification. But it’s an organisation in Germany ‘Technischer Uberwachungs-Verein’ which specialises in validation of the safety of all products for humans and the environment. The TUV been around and establish since 1938 and the back all of the Zupapa trampolines. So suffice to say this trampoline is very safe its excellent the constructed.


The frame and the trampoline is excellent. It’s made from very heavy duty steel frame diameter of 42 mm in thickness of 1.5 mm rust resistant and much stronger than cheaper trampolines. Having strong frame is one the most important things foot trampoline. It’s nice to see the manufacturer’s havent taken any shortcuts when it comes to the quality of the frame.


the warranty on this trampoline is very good you get three years warranty for the frame beginning from the date of the original purchase get six month warranty for the pads and the enclosure one year for the mat itself and any of these things should fail you get a free replacement if it’s within the warranty period. This is again an excellent warranty and though they say themselves that this is Polly best warranty of any trampoline under thousand dollars the warranty on the air con and the Skybound Stratos is slightly better but again that’s fully reflected in their having slightly better constructed but more expensive trampolines.


you also get an excellent little cover to keep the dust and rain of the trampoline for bad weather this will help preserve the mat against a lot of the elements and gives you the option of and taken the trampoline down in winter. Again this isn’t as heavy duty as the acon which you can leave out all year round without fearing that it’s going to degrade too much.

This trampoline has been TUV certified for safety. The TUV or Technischer Uberwachungs-Verein, which translates to “Technical Inspection Association”, is a German based company that specializes in validating the safety of all products for humans and the environment. This is a job that they have taken pride in since 1938 and they back each of the Zupapa trampolines.


This is an excellent trampoline and I definitely steer a lot of people in the direction of buying this one if you don’t have a huge budget and you really can spend a lot of money trampoline I would always say try not to buy one the cheaper budget trampolines trying one the premium trampolines and since this is the cheapest one of those this is probably the sweet spot with regards towards ‘bang for buck’. You can get the safest best constructed trampoline for the lowest amount of money. Sure if you have a large budget and you spend more on possibly one the best investments into family activity and your kids will absolutely love trampoline if you don’t have one side to how much they will enjoy it then I would buy the more expensive air con or Skybound Stratos as is gonna last longer than you want as many problems the replace parts is often in the long run it will be cheaper and it’s also better experience the kids as the band better and they are more fun in general.

That being said this is an amazing trampoline far better than any cheap ones if you want premium come clean on a small budget this trampoline for you

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